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New Visitors Center Underway

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Kinzua Bridge State Park Visitors Center & Park Office  2016


Kinzua Bridge Foundation Meeting will be held
Tuesday, June 28th, 2016- 5PM at the
Kinzua Bridge State Park pavillion weather permitting. Alternative location is the Barrel House Restaurant.
Meetings are open to the public and will be posted as scheduled.





Celebrating Kinzua Bridge State Park 50th !

1963 -2013

10 Year acknowledgement Tornado destruction to Viaduct & Park – 2003

20th Anniversary Kinzua Bridge Foundation - 1993

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New 50th Anniversary Kinzua Bridge State Park Shirts!


Thousands attended the 18th annual Kinzua Bridge 2-day Fall Festival on September 21 and 22, 2013. Some 90 plus food, arts and craft vendors along with continuous live musical entertainment, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Kinzua Bridge State Park. Sunday brought a record-breaking attendance of approximately 16,000 attendees.
Senator Joseph Scarnati gave two citation awards to the DCNR marking the 50th anniversary of the park, and Representative Kathy Rapp presented them to the Kinzua Bridge State Park manager, Mitch Stickle. A copy of both citations along with documents and photos, including some from the DCNR, McKean County Historical Society, Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau and names of sponsors to the Kinzua Bridge Foundation who purchased the time capsule, will be sealed in a time capsule for the next fifty years to be opened in 2063.

The 50th anniversary celebration included a 21 balloon salute by children from the skywalk commemorating the 10th anniversary of the F-1 tornado which forever changed the once, "Eighth Wonder of the World". Youngsters, as in the past years, loved their rides in the Zem Zem cars along with horse and pony rides both days provided by the 4H club of McKean County.

A first at the festival this year, but will certainly not be the last, was the "Bigfoot Calling Contest" which drew a large crowd five adults and four youth contestants who put chills down your spine with the horrendous sounds they made. Ethan Medeiro, an awesome young man who appeared on the Animal Planet TV program this past year in filming professional Bigfoot callers at the Kinzua Bridge State Park, was a special guest for the event and one of the five judges for the contest. Another visitor, all the way from Lancaster, PA who was raised in the area, told of her sighting from several years ago when she and her sister were walking in the woods and played "hide and seek" with a Bigfoot from tree to tree and didn't tell their parents about it at the time as they wanted to be allowed back in the woods. Of course, they were hoping to see the beast playmate again but never did. With regards to the results of the Bigfoot calling contest being credited in luring in the "Bigfoots", we now claim to have the best Bigfoot callers in the country, as two Sasquatch were seen a few miles from the park with the photos viewed by thousands on You Tube



Breaking News!

Vendor Forms

Arts and Crafts Vendor
Food Vendor


2016 Annual Fall Festival will be held!!

September 17th and 18th at the Kinzua Bridge State Park

Vendor forms will be posted January 2016 to print and submit.
Questions or concerns, please visit the contact page for a list of directors and board members
The new office and visitors center grand opening will be held earlier in 2016.

Thank you,
Kinzua Bridge Foundation

The bridge and observation deck will remain open during construction of the office and visitor center.
For more information about Kinzua Bridge State Park visit the DCNR website here or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS.


Kinzua Bridge Skywalk Overlook

Ribbon cutting was held Sept 15, 2011 on "Kinzua Viaduct Re-Opening". 

4.5 million dollar project - Deck built on the remains of the historic railroad bridge, located at the Kinzua Bridge State Park in northwestern Pennsylvania near Mount Jewett, PA.



Kinzua Bridge State Park 2012 Park of the Year!


Kinzua Bridge Foundation Park of the Year Award

Award placed in glass display case at McKean County Courthouse.

The Kinzua Bridge Foundation extends their appreciation to the McKean County Historical Society in displaying the “One Time” Pennsylvania Parks & Forest Foundation 2012 Award.



The Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc. was formally incorporated in the State of PA  on November 1, 1993. It is also a non-profile 501(c)(3) corporation. The Foundation is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Kinzua bridge, the promotion of its historical and cultural significance, as well as the further development of the adjoining State Park.
Executive Director;  Mary Ann Burggraf gave a brief presentation on the foundations accomplishments, communications, and future recommendations to the trustees in acknowledging the excitement they all share with the Kinzua Bridge State Park Office/Visitor Center construction project presently underway at the Kinzua Bridge State Park.  She recommended all to visit their Kinzua Bridge Foundation's  web site www.kinzuabridgefoundation.com  to view the photos and continuous updated information submitted by Mitch Stickle, State Park Manager, Bendigo State Park Complex . 
State Park Manger, Mitch  Stickle and his wife Laura attended the dinner meeting and gave a detailed update on the construction project along with submitting scheduled programs for June & July being held at the Kinzua Bridge State Park, which will also be posted on the Kinzua Bridge Foundations website www.kinzuabridgefoundation.com.
The Foundation's (Commemorative "Brick" Campaign -Be A Part Of History) will continue to be on going and is available to the public through the website with success. This being their major fundraiser for the past two years due to not having the annual fall festival.
Webmaster; Greg Mittelmeier, was in attendance with his wife, and gave a website report along with new information to the Foundation about the development of a facebook page.
Out-going President/Executive Director, Mary Ann Burggraf thanked and adjourned the meeting saying it was a very productive and enjoyable annual dinner meeting for the Kinzua Bridge Foundation Inc.
The next meeting will be held Thursday, July 23, 5 pm at the Kinzua Bridge State Park Pavilion, Meetings are open to the public and will be posted as scheduled.
The bridge and observation deck will remain open during construction of the office and visitor center.
For more information about Kinzua Bridge State Park visit the DCNR website here or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS.




































 Commemorative "Brick" Campaign

Be A Part Of History !

The Commemorative "Personalize Brick" is an on going fundraising campaign.   Orders may be placed anytime.  Just print and submit an Order Form

Certificate of Authenticity will be sent to you for your records. Purchase a brick with your business, industry name, organization, group, family name, etc. engraved on it for placement in the new pathway to the Kinzua Viaduct. Thank you for your support and appreciate all donations for the future development of the Kinzua Bridge State Park. 

Brick flyer

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We love hearing from our visitors. Please e-mail us to share your stories, experiences, and memories
as well as any comments, suggestions, or feedback you may have. We value and truly appreciate your input!



Commemorative Brick Program

Commemorative Brick Order Form




Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc.
25 Birch Street
Bradford, PA  16701
(814) 331-7331


Donations can be made to:
Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc.
c/o Hamlin Bank & Trust Company
34 Fraley Street
Kane, PA  16735


Contact for Kinzua Bridge State Park Office:

Bendigo Complex
Bendigo State Park
533 State Park Road   
Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania 15845-0016
(814) 965-2646




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