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Kinzua Bridge Foundation Meeting:
Thursday July 18th, 5pm
at the Kinzua Bridge State Park pavilion
Meetings are open to the Public

New Visitors Center Completed


Visitors Center



Celebrating Kinzua Bridge Foundations 25th Anniversary!


*****New Shirts can be ordered online - CLICK MERCHANDISE

Celebrating Kinzua Bridge State Park 50th!

50th shirt group50th shirt

*****New Shirts can be ordered online - CLICK MERCHANDISE

( "BUILD IT - THE'LL COME"!) Giving homage to the Viaduct and the Visitors Center. Sky Walker T- shirts & 50th Anniversary Shirts can be ordered by clicking on Contact and contacting the Treasurer or Secretary, also KB Foundation's e-mail kbf@kinzuabridgefoundation.com 






Breaking News!


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2019 Kinzua Bridge State Park Fall Festival
Saturday, September 21 & Sunday, September 22 2019


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Keystone Bricks

Kinzua Bridge Foundation Plaque


 Commemorative "Brick" Campaign

Be A Part Of History !

The Commemorative "Personalize Brick" is an on going
fundraising campaign.   Orders may be placed anytime.

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Click on Contact for members info & e-mail





19th Annual Kinzua Bridge Foundation Fall Festival members2016 New Shirt

2016 Kinzua Bridge Foundation members, L to R. Back Row: J.R. Rathbun, Dave Graves, Jerry Clark, president; Mary Ann Burggraf, executive director/vp Front Row: L to R: Tom ‘ET’ Kilmer, historian; Tina Hilmes, second vice president; Debbie Kilmer, treasuer; Debbie Lunden, secretary; Fay Leet, brick chair; Susan Chamberlain.




 Commemorative "Brick" Campaign

Be A Part Of History !


The Commemorative "Personalize Brick" is an on going fundraising campaign.   Orders may be placed anytime.
Click here for Order Form
Front of the Order Form

 Purchase a brick with your business, industry name, organization, group, family name, etc. engraved on it for placement in the new pathway to the Kinzua Viaduct. Thank you for your support and appreciate all donations for the future development of the Kinzua Bridge State Park. 
he Kinzua Bridge Foundation's goals are to fund a Playground, a Closed Pavilion with a Fireplace, and Amphitheater.


We love hearing from our visitors. Please e-mail us to share your stories, experiences, and memories
as well as any comments, suggestions, or feedback you may have. We value and truly appreciate your input!





Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc.
25 Birch Street
Bradford, PA  16701
(814) 331-7331


Donations & Memorials can be made to:
Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc.
c/o Hamlin Bank & Trust Company
34 Fraley Street
Kane, PA  16735


Contact for Kinzua Bridge State Park Office:

Kinzua Bridge State Park Complex
296 Viaduct Road
Kane, Pennsylvania 16735
(814) 778-5467 Fax: 814-778-2023
Mitchell Stickle Park Manager
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources




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